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12 September 2009

dollop on rose petals

you know you've made it when...

...we'll definitely let you know when we know.

In the meantime, plenty is happening in the dollop ™ empire (apart from figuring out where the ™ is on a MacBook keyboard).

Two more bright Wellington salons are now stocking dollop ™ - Panache and The Powder Room. Lucky clientele - and stylists of course!

The Powder Room recently styled the Spring / Summer FASHION magazine for The Dominion Post, using dollop ™ on the lustrous-locked cover girl, and in the major fashion spread ('Sustainable Style').

Find both these salons - and all our other stockists - on our 'WHERE' page. 

There are so many other things going on... wish we could spill the beans on a few of them but we can't just yet! The beans are still cookin'.

Rock on spring and summer... lots more stylish hair and goodness to come.

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09 May 2009

dollop on rose petals


Here are some unprompted reactions to dollop TM the product:

“I love dollop, it smells so good i want to eat it” DM, male, shop manager

“Had a date tonight - and it was with DOLLOP! I'm now sexier, nicer, hotter and sexier. I want more DOLLOP. Now” SB, male, PR consultant

“I love you DOLLOP.......not only do you look after and style my frizzy/fluffy hair you smell amazing too!” SG, female, stylist

“I can personally vouch for dollop's amazing all natural goodness, having been lucky enough to receive a prototype tin all the way over here in the UK!” EN, male, zoologist

“I am a Dapper Dan man and have been for years. But, friends, I can tell you I  have changed my tune. Dollop’s pomade is… perfect for creating  those beautiful Donald Draper hairstyles that all the ladies like these days.
“What sets Dollop apart is the wonderful smell. Dollop’s spicy ginger fragrance is  incredibly nice and is a nice change from the usual chemically smells of other  men’s hair products.
“And best of all its all natural ingredients.”
HG, male, sports blogger

“Gay guys just really love it and want to know where they can get it.” DL, male, senior barber

“Great product... thanks heaps :)” PD, male, web purchaser

“Went to get my hair cut a couple of days ago. Being the good citizen that I am, I  normally wash my hair first. This time I hadn't. After sitting down at the barber he  nodded appreciatively and said 'I see you washed your hair today'. My secret shame...  I hadn't washed my hair for 4 days, but I'd been using dollop so there was no crappy  residue.” CO, male, business owner

“Terrific trade. Gorgeous product. Highly recommended.” KR, female, web purchaser

“i have sold out of dollop! we LOVE it so much could i have another 5 asap!!! i just sold the last one two minutes ago and a client is sitting in the chair who wants some too!!!! Amazing” BB, female, salon owner / hairdresser

“Awesome stuff, My frizzies have gone, and its super shiny, lovin it... a great product.” PR, female, photographer

“I am using on selective clients with bald heads – heat the head up with a hot towel,  then apply – they love it, and so do I on my hands. The smell is also calming. I  need to learn everything about it.” DL, male, senior barber

“the pomade! I love it!" PW, male, sales director

“My son he is 21 LOVES dollop I notice he uses it all the time, he loves the smell he said.  He is a surfing dude and always gels his hair.” GM, female, CEO

“It’s a revelation!” DL, male, DJ

“I like my dollop and use it every day.” GF, male

“Great product… highly recommend to others.” FI, web purchaser

“great to know there are products being made from natural ingrediates that are good for the scalp and hair and environment and made in New Zealand...Awesome highly recommend.” PR, female, web purchaser

“I can happily report I love dollop and won't be using anything else. Ever. So  you'd better keep making it.” CO, male, business owner

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09 May 2009



We have been unutterably busy with all facets of cottage industry business management. And it has been reaping results.

Isn't this web site swanky! By coming here you are joining visitors from such exotic places as Macedonia, Denpasar, Arizona, Mumbai, Jabiru and even Auckland!

We have received another glowing product review, and you can win a tin of dollop TM through that very web site.

New retailers have caught a whiff of the action and signed up to the dollop TM cause - check out their whereabouts on the map on this web site.

It has been a cracking first half of the year and we have been learning in leaps and bounds.

Thanks for your support and stay tuned!

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13 April 2009



 Here at Olfactory New Zealand Ltd., we don't just make dollop you know!


The Dominion Post interview Jan 09

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18 January 2009



Several excellent products have come to my attention lately:

  1. The rich, creamy opaque lipsticks of the Lipstick Queen, Poppy King. I could never get enough of her Ambition and Lust* when they were in New Zealand, and now she’s back with an equally fabulous line. She has also written a book about her business: “Lessons of a Lipstick Queen”, and I devoured it. Recommended. (* these are shades of lipstick, for the uninitiated.)

  2. Wondercap, the brainchild of a fabulous Wellington business woman. This is genius: a wheat bag shaped for the head. I’ve tried it with dollop applied to my hair and the result was deeply conditioned, silky locks glowing with health. Recommended - what a terrific solution.

  3. Antipodes Jubilation Body Cream. This stuff is joy alright! I commend the creator (yet another fine Wellington citizen) as being an aromatic artisan. And the texture of the cream is no less than perfect for sinking luxuriantly into the skin. I love this stuff. Recommended.

Along with dollop, these products are the full boom-jiggy combination for smelling divine, and looking healthy and glowing.

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17 January 2009


hairdressing hands

I love talking with hairdressers about using dollop TM.

They adore it. It doesn’t need to be scoured from their hands after they apply it to clients’ hair: many of them rub it in as a conditioning hand and nail balm.

So dollop is good for them as well as their customers.

A revelation.

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08 January 2009


prettyprettypretty cool

The spiffing and switched-on team at prettyprettypretty invited guest commentator and rugby / hair afficionado Hadyn Green to review our product.

We think his review is fair, but glowing… just the way we like it!

A ‘reformed Dapper Dan man’ who says that “dollop’s spicy ginger fragrance is incredibly nice”.

Hey Hadyn… great hair bro.

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04 December 2008


oyster oyster oyster, oi oi oi

Clever Oyster magazine, Australia’s publication that ’stands out in the myriad of sameness’, has cottoned on to dollop TM.

Clever Oyster, clever Aussies.

There… we said it!

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03 December 2008


visionary outlets

More visionary outlets have signed up to the “future is bleak without dollop” cause.

They are the fabulous Starfish: the Wellington Store at 128 Willis Street, and the Christchurch Store at 113 Manchester Street.

Also Commonsense Organics in Kilbirnie, 8 Bay Road, is now a proud dollop TM retailer.

Wellingtonians and Cantabrians: make the most of your good fortune. Fill your stockings with dollop TM, purchased from these convenient stores.

Everyone else is encouraged to keep purchasing through

More retailers to come… do watch this space!

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23 November 2008


anointment appointment

My favourite topic is the History of Aromatics. It’s FASCINATING.

People have integrated aromatics into rituals, rites of passage, spiritual access, performance enhancement, health, manipulation, reflection, sensuality, ego gratification and everything else, for the squillion or so years that we have been people.


In fact, I’m convinced that exploration of the olfactory realm was a tipping point for our evolutionary advantage. Although of course, many animals can sniff better than us (for example, did you know that polar bears have nine different words for the smell of snow?).


Anointment is a righteous act. In religion, perfume creates a bridge between earthiness and the ethereal: juniper branches burned on the rooves of Buddhist temples to get heaven’s attention; the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra offered myrrh incense every day at noon; Moses being “instructed by God” (Exodus 30) to create a sacred anointing oil; the Jewish menorah designed in the likeness of the seven-branched aromatic plant salvia palaestina (sage); the fragrant dhoop incense emanating from Hindu temples; the Shinto koh-do incense ceremony… it’s endless, and that’s just the religious stuff.


In the British monarchy, the exact point of coronation is not when the crown is placed on the head, but when the new Queen or King is anointed with a traditional aromatic oil, blended by the Royal Apothecary!

(the Royal Apothecary is a wannabe aromatologist but probably has no new recipes of his own).

We found out the recipe, and we’re whipping some up. So if you’d like to book a “Royal Oil Anointment Appointment”, write to us… if it so pleases your majesty.

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19 November 2008


downtown destinations

So that you can plan your shopping easily and efficiently, we’re pointing you to two marvelous retailers:

Commonsense Organics, Wakefield Street, Wellington city

Homestead Health, Cuba Mall, Wellington city

These two visionary outlets have started the dollop TM retail phenomenon which will sweep the world. They are the first official stockists of dollop TM on Planet Earth.

Pay them a visit, and ask for dollop TM all-natural hair styling goodness.

It’s the business.

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09 November 2008


Your Questions Answered

What is dollop TM?
An all natural hair styling pomade, designed professionally by an aromatologist. Made in New Zealand. dollop was designed like no other hair styling product we know of: its benefits make it a truly superior hair styling product. Each tin is 70g net weight.

What hair types does it suit?

Ideal for men and women, short and long hair. Fluffy and frizzy hair especially benefit from styling with dollop.

Where can I buy dollop TM?

Currently here on and in shops around New Zealand. Retailers are linked on the map in this web site.


Does dollop wash out?
Yes dollop washes out with shampoo. You can also brush and comb your hair easily after applying dollop. Rather than coating your hair with a tacky layer, dollop sinks in to nourish your hair. Genius.


Do we want feedback about the web site and the product / suggestions for suitable retailers / media contacts?
Yes please!

Please let the dollop team know if you have any other questions.

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08 November 2008


dictionary definition

Word of the Day: dollop



  1. a blob of some substance: dollop of whipped cream.
  2. a small, globulous quantity: a dollop of mud.
  3. an all-natural aromatic hair styling pomade, launched in 2008 in Wellington, New Zealand.


-verb (used with an object)

  1.  to scoop, or dispense in dollop-sized amounts: to dollop pomade through the hair.
    [Suspected origin: Norse dialect: dolp = lump; Icelandic: dolpur = fat man]

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06 November 2008


daily dissertation

Aromatic Of the Day with Associated Facts and Customs:


Rosemary has been used for centuries as a hair tonic. It stimulates the follicles. That sounds ticklish, but it’s a fairly subtle effect. Rosemary stimulates blood circulation, and is a general and respiratory tonic.

The rosemarinus officinalis essential oil used in dollop TM is Spanish, a robust, camphoraceous Mediterranean type with good levels of a-pinene and 1,8-cineole.


Of course rosemary is a well-known culinary herb. Hippocrates the Father of Medicine thought you should cook it with vegetables as a tonic for your liver and spleen.

Back in the day, the splendid physician Nicholas Culpeper said of rosemary: “It helps a weak memory and quickens the senses.”


Rosemary’s penetrating, refreshing aroma certainly is a cephalic wake up call: the right dose is as good as a morning coffee for rubbing on your head.

Note: do not rub the coffee on your head: for optimum results use dollop.

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