dollop the founder

dollop TM was designed by professional Aromatologist and Aromatherapist Eleanor Laban.

Eleanor has designed individual natural aromatic products since 1999, and dollop is her company's flagship product, launched in December 2008.

Eleanor has formally studied plant aromatics and their properties, and has a Diploma of Aromatherapy through the UK-based International Federation of Practitioners of Aromatherapy (IFPA). She has further researched, studied and worked with natural aromatics in New Zealand and Australia.

dollop TM was first developed in Wellington, after a need was identified for an all-natural hair styling product. Eleanor used her aromatology skills and experience to develop dollop TM. Eleanor started using dollop TM herself, and it quickly caught on among her friends and family. Soon Eleanor was unable to keep up with demand for dollop TM, so from December 2008, manufacturing in New Zealand got underway.

Eleanor stands by dollop's production process and is involved each step of the way.

She continues to design and perfect other products - both cosmetic and therapeutic - and looks forward to launching these alongside dollop TM in the coming months.

Eleanor Laban - Aromatologist